About Us

Dermisa is a family-owned company. Our products are proudly manufactured in the US, free of Phthalates, fungicides and other harsh chemicals. Our story dates back to the 1980s when founder Jaime Valle, traveling to remote corners of the globe in sales and marketing roles for Fortune 500 beauty brands, noticed a void in the market: Consumers, particularly women, were concerned about skin pigmentation issues — dark spots, blemishes, uneven skin tones and discoloration —and almost no one was creating safe, effective treatments to target this. The few products that did exist were priced far higher than they needed to be, out of reach to many consumers, and others often contained dangerous ingredients that are unsafe for pregnant women and can lead to skin cancer. Meanwhile, the traditional homemade alternatives were ineffective.

On a more personal level, being of Latin descent Valle and his wife Maria experienced different skin discolorations problems. Searching the marketplace for solutions they did not find safe and effective products.

After extensive research, Valle set about creating safe, effective, and affordable products focusing on the skin brightening and skin tone attenuating segments. In the 15 years since he founded Dermisa, it has become a leader in this category while expanding into other skin care treatment segments and has grown into a global company whose products can be found in nearly every major American retailer and more than 21 markets globally. Despite its growth and reach, Dermisa remains a family-owned business, holding tight to the core values it was founded on. We listen to our customer’s needs and take them to heart. Dermisa’s cleansing bars have switched to using sustainable palm oil bases in mid-2017, which is good for the environment.

We have expanded into moisturizing, anti-aging, scar, stretch mark and skin cleansing, but our ENLIGHTENEDSKINCARE motto remains the same. We continue to research, develop, and improve on our formulas with the primary goal of providing our customers with the safest, very best quality at the very best price. That’s the Dermisa way.


Mission Statement

Our company is dedicated to the development and worldwide distribution of high-quality skin care treatment products whilst committed to the well being of its clients, employees and shareholders.

Clients: Striving to meet client’s and final user’s expectations.

Integrity in all things: Acting with honesty, consistency and transparency in a way that generates mutual trust.

Passion for success: The continuous drive, focus and perseverance to achieve success.

Humility: The essence of continuous improvement – realizing there is always more to know and learn.

Commitment: The conviction of doing what we say.