Q: What products does Dermisa offer?

A: Dermisa specializes in skin care treatment for women and men. Dermisa offers a variety of products to help with gentle skin cleansing, fight signs of aging, protect from damaging sun, promote brightening and bring out the natural beauty of your complexion. More specifically, our products target dark spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, acne, dry/oily skin. Some of our most popular products include the Skin Fade Cream and our vegetable-based cleansing bars. All products are made in the USA.


Q: I have oily skin, but I’m sensitive to harsh drying agents found in some soaps. What does Dermisa offer for this problem?

A: Those with oily skin are just as likely to have sensitivities to chemicals and harsh ingredients in soap as those with normal to dry skin. We recommend our Sulfur Bar for your condition. Unlike other soaps intended for oily skin, our Sulfur Bar is made from a vegetable base, not animal fat byproducts (tallow). Its lush lather contains glycerin and naturally occurring sulfur to deep clean pores, while Aloe Vera soothes and prevents irritation. We also now offer a Green Tea bar for Acne Prone Skin as well as gentle exfoliation.


Q: Is it safe to use your skin fade cream/brightening products while outdoors and using makeup as well?

A: As with any topical product, safety should always be a primary concern. We recommend that when going outdoors you apply a sunblock product with a minimum SPF of 30. Our dark spot correcting products can also be used under makeup (apply cream first to let it absorb into the skin then apply daily makeup products).


Q: Where can I find Dermisa products?

A: Dermisa products are a globally distributed product. In the USA they can be purchased in select drug, mass merchandiser and supermarket chains. A list of those retailers can be found here. We recommend calling ahead to make sure your store has stock. Feel free to also purchase products online through our shopping cart.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you purchased Dermisa products in a store or other online resellers, please contact that store or seller directly to inquire about their return policy. If you purchased Dermisa products directly from our store please contact us here with the details and order number. 


Q: How fragrant are your products?

A: Generally, our fragrances tend to be mild as we do not want them to clash with colognes or perfumes. We also aim to lower the possibility of allergic reactions potentially brought about with high fragrance levels.


Q: Because some of your products contain natural ingredients, does that mean they have a shorter shelf life? What is the shelf life of your hand cream, for example?

A: While our products do contain natural ingredients, we are careful not to mislabel our products as 100% natural or of organic origin; we respect our consumers and will not mislead them. Many widely available brands have these claims, but they really are not as they say; this has lead the FDA into establishing future firm guidelines in this respect. Our products generally have a 3-year shelf life, including our Hand Cream.


Q: I know that Latin American women have been using Dermisa for years. But are your products effective for all skin types?

A: Yes, Dermisa works effectively on all skin types, woman and man. In fact, our fastest growing markets are the the Far East and other Asian countries and this is strong testament about the effectiveness of our products. We suggest you try them.


Q: Why do you refer to your cleansing products as “bars” and not soaps?

A: Soaps tend to be produced with less expensive animal fat byproducts that can dry the skin; many high-fragrance deodorant shower soaps have this type of formulation. On the contrary, our bars are vegetable-based, have sustainability sourced palm oil and are milder and non-irritating to the skin.