11 Tips for Achieving Your 2021 Health Goals and Radiant Skin


As COVID-19 vaccines roll out, it’s a perfect time to take stock of all that you’ve achieved, of your strengths in overcoming adversity, and of how self-care should remain a top priority in your life.

Keep that enlightenment top-of-mind: Enlightenment filled with fun, with exciting insights on the year past, dreams of what you seek for 2021, good health and glowing skin.

If you’ve made a resolution to get healthier this year by eating better, reducing alcohol intake and getting in shape (raise your hand) then you’ll be glad to have another motivation – all of this will help keep your skin radiant!

OK, we know. It’s easier to get mired in apathy and inertia, especially during these dark winter days. It’s so tempting to wake up and want to stay in bed, snuggled up against the cold, snowy days and catch something on your favorite streaming service.

Snap yourself out of it! While sleep and rest is a crucial part of self-care, you still have to get up for work. Instead focus on what you want to achieve for yourself and get excited about it, because you deserve it. 

Re-focus your outdated ideas that exercise must be punishment. It’s just the opposite, really. The secret is to focus on minutes — in one scientific study, just seven minutes at a time — of bursts of intense exercise.

The bonus: You’ll be delighted with silkier, brighter and healthier skin just from moving around — and you don’t have to spend hours sweating.


Exercise’s Contribution to Beautiful Skin

Exercise, by pumping up the heart rate and improving blood circulation, boosts oxygen, nutrients and collagen production. That’s what keeps the skin firm and gives it a glow.

Sweating helps, too. During exercise, sweat clears your pores — but be sure to wash your face prior to exercising. While exercise opens your pores, makeup can clog them, causing blemishes. 

Try these other hacks to get started. Your body and skin will thank you:


  1. Commit to the same “me” time every day, preferably in the morning before you let yourself get distracted by emails, remote learning and chores. Remind yourself that this is your well-deserved time of real self-indulgence. Research suggests that exercising first thing in the morning can not only wake you up but also improve cognitive function throughout the day.


  1. Find teachers who motivate and inspire you, who make you laugh but also bring out your inner ambition to challenge yourself. You might even find inspiration in a health and exercise newsletter (newsletters are a big, big trend for 2021).


  1. Feel young and free. Jump rope. Shoot baskets. Throw yourself into Zumba. Find a retro dance class with a name like “Ballerina Fight Club” and “Zi-Cardio.” Have fun!


  1. Busy mornings with the family? Embrace the short workout spurts mentioned above. YouTube, Netflix and Prime are full of 15-20-minute workouts from yoga and Pilates to dancing and simple stretching. All of them meant to get people short on time moving.


  1. Set up a playlist that makes you feel great — An upbeat one that you’ll want to replay over and over even over top of a video class.


  1. Admit it — it’s fun to be competitive. Want to leave your mark on the class? Find a class where everyone posts his or her smartwatch or fitness-tracker results so you can strive to get better and even surpass your classmates’ results.


  1. See how strong you can get. Resistance training can contribute to more youthful looking skin because it boosts your body’s production of growth hormone, which aids cell repair and helps produce collagen.


  1. Jumpstart endorphins and trigger your inner glow. With a mere 100 seconds of movement every 30 minutes, you lower inflammation and reduce levels of fat and bad cholesterol. Try simple stretching or a couple of jumping jacks in between video conferences. It will provide a natural, healthy flush to your face, clear your mind and trigger endorphins that will keep you going.


  1. Sunscreen still matters during winter months. If you’re an outdoor runner or game to try the new outdoor exercise rage — snow-shoeing, anyone? — be sure to use facial sunscreens to protect your skin. Skin is as sensitive to the sun and potential damage in winter as in summer. Look for those labeled oil-free, non-comedogenic, or formulated for acne prone skin to keep from clogging your pores.


  1. Drink lots of water. This one simple improvement in your day can help you fill fuller, reducing the urge to snack, and rehydrate after a good workout. Plus, it flushes your body and provides your skin with extra hydration, which it needs in the colder winter months.


  1. Moisturize after showering. Sweat, while beneficial, if not washed off immediately can clog pores and cause blemishes. And a delicious hot shower can dry skin, so reward it with a good moisturizing cream or oil.


Following these tips, you’ll soon feel healthier, stronger and enjoy a more radiant complexion in 2021!